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  Founded in September 2015 as a Tumblr site, Outlander America (OLA) is a comprehensive digital and social media effort dedicated to supporting all things related to the Outlander television series and books as well as professional and philanthropic projects of the cast and crew. Future efforts with the launch of OutlanderAmerica.com will include fan interactivity incorporating discussions and trivia.

  The portfolio of OLA sites is managed by four admins, three from the United States and one from Canada. Some are long time book fans who then became fans of the Outlander television series. Others became new fans when Season 1 aired on Starz. Each brings the enthusiasm and dedication of many other Outlander social media groups. However, the OLA admins also bring a wealth of professional knowledge and experience in the areas of marketing, branding, writing for publication, web development, educational leadership and the growth and management of online fandoms.

  To visit the other OLA sites including Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, please click on the links found on the right side of the homepage.


We understand that sometimes passions run high in this fandom, but we do not welcome hateful comments or negativity towards Outlander cast, crew, or fans on our posts or social media sites. Disrespectful posters will be blocked.


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