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The Cast and Crew of Outlander Reveal Their Favorite Filming Locations



Adeline Duff
Outlander, the sexy time-travel drama with a major cult following, debuts its season two finale tomorrow on Starz, and millions of people are clearing their schedules to find out what lies ahead for Claire and Jamie.
While the chemistry between actors Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan is certainly one of the main draws of the show, the Scottish Highlands — where the majority of Outlander takes place — is a pretty dynamic character in itself.

To celebrate the end of another incredible season, and because Outlander features so many breathtaking locations—from real life castles (more on that, here), to impeccably detailed sets — we asked the cast and crew to pick their favorite filming spots. Read on.

Sam Heughan, Jamie Fraser

“I don’t really want to share my favorite place, as I’d love to keep it for myself … though our title sequence kind of gives it away, with ‘Over the sea to Skye!’ The Isle of Skye (though no longer actually an isle) is my favorite location in Scotland. The Quiraing, The Old Man of Storr, the beaches, fairy pools, Cuillin mountain range, and even the changeable weather. It’s a magical place with much to explore and a great place to rest and recharge the body.”

Maril Davis – Executive Producer

“We shoot the standing stones up at Kinloch Rannoch and I have a soft spot for this magical place. It truly lives up to the ‘four seasons in one day’ phenomenon that’s common in Scotland. While shooting up there for season two, we experienced bright blue skies, snow, rain, and gale force winds — all in the span of one hour!”

Maril Davis – Executive Producer

“Number two would have to be Falkland; it’s a delightful town that stands in as 1940’s Inverness in our story. It’s a quintessential, picturesque Scottish town and everyone in town has been so welcoming to the crew. Campbell’s Coffee house also makes a mean toastie on a cold Scottish morning!”

Stephen Walters – Angus Mhor

“Aviemore. It’s a town and tourist resort, situated within the Cairngorms National Park in the Highlands of Scotland.”

Toni Graphia – Executive Producer & Writer

“My favorite location was Glasgow Cathedral, where we shot scenes for ‘Faith.’ I admired it every time we drove past it in season one, and was thrilled when we finally were able to have it as a location. Gary Steele did a beautiful job of turning the church into our Hôpital des Anges, and you can really feel the ghosts in that building, which was built in the 12th dentury. Glasgow is a stunning city and the people there were so kind to us. I felt a real magic in those streets.”

Rosie Day – Mary Hawkins

“Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfries was simply amazing. The landscape was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, especially early in the morning with clouds rolling in off the mountains and the frost-bitten grass. The market town is adorable and the locals are so friendly.”

Andrew Gower – Prince Charles Stuart

“My favorite place in Scotland is Sterling Castle!”

Terry Dresbach – Costume Designer

“My favorite set is Jamie and Claire’s apartment. It is the most brilliant set I have ever seen; so beautiful, and so real that I wonder how many viewers think it is [a real] location. The sets Gary Steele designed for Paris are absolutely incredible. It is hard for me to choose which one is my favorite! The apartment, the apothecary, the brothel…”

Nicki McCallum – Supervising Art Director

“Culross Palace and gardens; the rooms creak with history, and the garden is the most beautiful and calming place to walk through.”

Domick Hill – Stunt Coordinator

“Being the Stunt Coordinator, my favorite location was a large tent in a very wet field, near Torbrex Farm, which is a few miles from the studio. The reason being that it’s where we filmed the majority of the Battle of Prestonpans — not very glamorous, but we had a lot of fun in that smoke filled, muddy marquee!”

Danny Sumsion – Construction Manager

“I think the standing stones location at Kinloch Rannoch has been my favorite location for season one, as I’ve been lucky enough to be the only person there on occasion, having arrived first for a recce or to set up. It is a really special place, with 360-degree views, to see transformed when we’ve installed the stones. And then, as always, the circus arrives! For season two, I think it was actually Wilton House near Salisbury. It was the first big house that we filmed in that had a really different look and feel to what we had been working in previously and the grounds and the bridge where amazing.”

Stuart Bryce – Assistant Set Decorator

“For season two, it has to be Dysart Harbour, which we used for Le Havre. It was the biggest exterior we had done to date at the time, and it was great to get the ships in and show them in context. I just love the ships.“

Stuart Bryce – Assistant Set Decorator

“For season one, my favorite location was Blackness Castle. It’s doesn’t matter what the weather is like; it’s always ice cold inside. It makes you wonder how grim it must have been to be incarcerated there. Also it’s near Corvi’s, one of the finest fish and chip shops in Scotland.”

Gina Cromwell – Set Decorator

“In real life, the gardens are recreations of a 17th-century garden. Located behind Culross Palace, [the gardens] were laid out to show the range of plants that were grown for culinary, medicinal and ornamental use. Also featured were Scot’s Dumpy chickens, which wander freely.”



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