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Outlander Season 3 and the Challenge of Its Storytelling (Matt Carter)


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It was not too long ago that we first heard the glorious news: “Outlander” season 3 is in production! We may not know much in terms of a defined premiere date or guest stars just yet, but filming is underway and you can at least rest assured that the voyage to complete Voyager in in process.

Yet, with this series in particular you are certainly seeing more challenges than you would elsewhere for a show at this point in the run. You’ve got time jumps to deal with (Jamie and Claire won’t be the same age when the series returns that they are in the photo above), and you’ve also got to take on some further challenges in terms of locations with a story that changes place so often. These are things that executive producer Ronald D. Moore detailed further to the Radio Times below. (Obviously, there’s some spoilers ahead, the most minor of ones, for those who have not read the books.)

“I don’t think I’m giving too much away, but the story of season 3 will start in Scotland. Then there’s a sea voyage involved in the 18th century, an extended journey across the Atlantic, and then the story goes to Jamaica and the Caribbean and ending up in the New World … [It’s] exciting creatively, but really hard in terms of production. Normally by the third and fourth season of a show it’s basically a machine – this is the police station, this is an apartment, this is the bridge of the Enterprise – you’re familiar with using those sets. But with this it’s like you’re doing a whole new series every year.”

While we’ve heard already about the possible challenges that come could with being “at sea” or moving to other parts of the world, we’d never thought about it in relation to how many other shows operate and the advantages that come with it (despite the production costs and all the scouts necessarily). Look at it like this: A sitcom largely works within the same studio for its entire run, while a medical drama like “Grey’s Anatomy” has a mock hospital to move around in. While there are some familiar sets on “Outlander” here and there, these actors will continue to be moved around to new surroundings. For them, that could create an exciting sort of freshness — and of course for us as a viewer, it provides further visual treats. There is joy to be found in the unknown.

If you missed it, head over here to see our article about the first day of filming, complete with a few assorted comments from the cast and crew! Meanwhile, sign up over here to book some other TV news on everything we cover via our official CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: Starz.)


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