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“Death of the Author” – A Theory by Roland Barthes


“Death of the Author” (a theory proposed by Roland Barthes) means you can have it your way.

In literary academia, there is a popular theory proposing that once an author, artist, or any creator of any form of art or music, creates a work and it is read, the “death of the author” occurs simultaneously with the “birth of the reader.” Simplified it means that once a reader reads a story, the reader is free to apply his/her own interpretations and meanings even if they are incongruent with those of the author. So don’t worry if you don’t love Frank or Laoghaire, or if you have a theory about certain plots, events, or characters in the story line. As long as your thoughts or theories are based on logic and sound reasoning, your own interpretation of meaning is the one that matters.

Check the links below for a better understanding of the “Dead Author” theory.




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