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The Fraser Prophesy (thoughts from Lenny)


The post below is shared with permission from Lenny9987.tumblr.com.  They are her thoughts on the Fraser Prophesy in response to an anon message she received.


Hello Anon.

There’s not a lot about the Fraser Prophecy that is clear but what there is I’ll throw under the cut since it’s first mention isn’t until Voyager. For anyone interested, the previous post mentioned is the Frank Discussion (during the conversation in the notes; so many great thoughts shared by everyone).

The first reference is made following the reappearance of Geillis near the end of Voyager when there’s a lot going on with a slow, building reveal. It begins with Geillis “catching up” with Claire and showing a decided interest in anything to do with Brianna. She even finds Jamie’s photos of Bree at one point and later Jamie realizes that one is missing – all the inquiries give Claire a decidedly uneasy feeling.

But it’s actually during an encounter with the Reverend Campbell – whose side plot I’d almost completely forgotten – that the real significance of Geillis’ interest becomes clear.

“Yes, it is interesting that it should be the Frasers, isn’t it?”

“That… what should be the Frasers?” I said. Despite myself, I moved slowly toward the desk.

“The subject of the prophecy, of course[…] Do ye not know of it? But perhaps, your husband being an illegitimate descendant…”

“I don’t know of it, no.” […]

“This is the original language of the prophecy,” he said, shoving Exhibit A under my nose. “By the Brahan Seer[…] The language is poetic, as I pointed out to Mistress Abernathy [Geillis], but the meaning is clear enough.” He was gathering enthusiasm as he went along, notwithstanding his suspicions of me. “The prophecy states that a new ruler of Scotland will spring from Lovat’s lineage. This is to come to pass following the eclipse of ‘the kings of the white rose’ – a clear reference to the Papist Stuarts, of course.[…] There are somewhat more cryptic references included in the prophecy, of course; the time in which this ruler will appear, and whether it is to be a king or a queen – there is some difficulty in interpretation, owing to mishandling of the original…”

He went on, but I wasn’t listening. If I had had any doubts about where Geilie had gone, it was fast disappearing. Obsessed with the rulers of Scotland, she had spent the better part of ten years in working for the restoration of a Stuart Throne. That attempt had failed most definitively at Culloden, and she had then expressed nothing but contempt for all extant Stuarts. And little wonder, if she thought she knew what was coming next.

But where would she go? Back to Scotland, perhaps, to involve herself with Lovat’s heir? No, she was thinking of making the leap through time again; that much was clear from her conversation with me. She was preparing herself, gathering her resources – retrieving the treasure from the silkies’ isle – and completing her researches.

I stared at the paper in a kind of fascinated horror. The genealogy, of course, was only recorded to the present. Did Geilie know who Lovat’s descendants gout be, in the future?

In Voyager, the prophecy plays into Geillis’ motivation culminating in the climax in the cave and then it seems to fade from the stories – a convenient plot device that appears to have served its purpose.

Until it comes back again in An Echo in the Bone and Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. DuringEcho, there are several people who seem to be looking for Fergus but the motivations behind it and how important his bearing the name of Fraser is are unclear – and largely still only partially resolved (I’ve only just started my first re-read through the books and haven’t gotten that far, but from what I do recall, there were times it seemed two separate people/groups might be looking for Fergus and for different reasons).

The reference in Written in My Own Heart’s Blood that comes from Frank is way more direct. Brianna finds a letter from Frank that was addressed to her and in it he admits to having believed more about Claire’s tale than he admitted and having searched for Jamie Fraser as well and in the course of the letter, the prophecy comes up.

I think you won’t have heard of the Brahan Seer.  […] Amongst his lesser-known prophecies, though, was one called the Fraser Prophecy. There isn’t a great deal known about this, and what there is is rambling and vague, as prophecies usually are, the Old Testament notwithstanding. The only relevant bit, I think, is this: “The last of Lovat’s line will rule Scotland.”[…]

The Frasers of Lovat have a fairly straightforward line of descent, until we come to Old Simon – well, they’re all called Simon – the one they call the Old Fox, who was executed for treason after the Jacobite Rebellion[…] his heir was Young Simon, known as the Young Fox. Young Simon survived the Rising[…] and while he married, he did so at a very advanced age and had no children. His younger brother, Archibald, inherited, but then died childless, as well. 

So Archibald was the “last of Lovat’s line”[…] but clearly he wasn’t the Scottish ruler foreseen.[…] Whoever made [the genealogy] has listed two illegitimate sons, as well as Young Simon and his brother. Alexander and Brian, born to different mothers. Alexander entered the priesthood and became the abbot of a monastery in France. No known children. But Brian – […] The current line of Fraser of Lovat is descended from a collateral branch; presumably the Fraser Prophecy isn’t referring to one of them – though there are plenty of heirs in that line.[…]

The essence of what I’m saying is this: if you can indeed go back in time (and possibly return), you are a person of very great interest to a number of people, for assorted reasons. Should anyone in the more shadowed realm of government be halfway convinced that you are what you may be, you would be watched. Possibly approached.[…] That’s a very remote contingency, but it is a real one; I must mention it. 

There are private parties who would also have a deep interest in you for this reason – and evidently there is someone who has spotted you and is watching. The chart showing your line of descent, with dates, indicates that much. It also suggests that this person’s or persons’ interest may be a concern with the Fraser Prophecy. What could be more intriguing to that sort of person than the prospect of someone who is “the last of Lovat’s line” and is also a time traveler? These sorts of people – I know them well – invariable believe in mystic powers of all sorts – nothing would draw them more powerfully than the conviction that you hold such power.

Such people are usually harmless. But they can be very dangerous indeed. 

If I find whoever drew this chart, I will question them and do my best to neutralize any possible threat to you. But as I say – I know the look of a conspiracy. Nutters of this sort thrive in company. I might miss one. 

It’s a rather long chunk and I haven’t posted all of it – including the bits where Frank addresses his having tracked Jamie down through his research – but those are the parts most relevant to the Fraser Prophecy as it stands and the reason it is relevant to the story at that point in the series. The prophecy indicates that someone – possibly descended from Jamie or Jenny – could come to rule Scotland and there are people who might be trying to find them to either ensure that happens, or prevent it. It’s been hovering at the edges of the series from time to time but the events surrounding Roger, Brianna, Jemmy, and Mandy at the end of An Echo in the Bone and throughout Written in My Own Heart’s Blood certainly look like the prophecy storyline could be coming more and more to the forefront of things (and we might be getting some more significant answers in Book 9).

It came up during the Frank Discussion, because Frank knew about the prophecy and the threat it posed to Brianna – and he sat on the information.


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