Changing history is a hard job and, for Outlander‘s Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe), it would be impossible if not for their closest and most reliable ally: Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser (Duncan Lacroix).

Murtagh doesn’t say much, and he has an insatiable sexual appetite for the Fraser’s help staff. But when it comes time to draw arms, he’s always in their corner. He is their most loyal compatriot, trusted confidant and ready to slap them with reality whenever their lofty ideas get too far off the ground.

Don’t believe that Murtagh is the only reason the Frasers even made it to Culloden? Let the GIFs show you the light.

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1. He’ll embarrass himself for the Fraser cause


Who was the only person to go looking for Jamie with Claire when British soldiers captured him at the end of Season 1? Murtagh. Only your best bro would do a jig in front of his Scottish brethren to try and entertain information about you out of them.

2. He keeps Claire out of trouble


Claire has a lot of worthy skills, but interrogation is not one of them. Murtagh did the dirty work when she was about to leave a British soldier alive after the solider told them where to find Jamie. Amateurs.

3. He keeps a promise


Murtagh promised vengeance for Claire and Mary (Rosie Day) after their attack in Paris. It may have taken him several months to find it, but he delivered on his oath.

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4. He can keep a secret


Murtagh is the only person (besides Jamie and Claire) that knows Claire is from the future. Imagine how much grief they could have saved themselves if they had told him in Season 1 when everyone thought Claire was a British spy.

5. He’s even taken to Fergus


Murtagh may seem like a surly man, but don’t let the sour face fool you. He’s willing to extend the same loyalty and protectiveness he has for the Frasers to their young charge, Fergus (Romann Berrux)

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6. He has his priorities straight


If the Frasers had listened to Murtagh’s point of view about wine they could have avoided all of their trouble with Le Comte St. Germain (Stanley Weber).

7. He’s a selfless gentleman


Murtagh offered to give up his wily bachelor ways to marry Mary Hawkins if it would save her from having to spend the rest of her life with Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies). He didn’t have to do it, but made the sacrifice in order to make sure the young girl was safe. #Chivalry

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8. He’s willing to make tough choices to save his friends


When it was revealed that Black Jack Randall had survived Murtagh’s attack on Wentworth Prison in Season 1, Murtagh made the tough decision to keep the information from Jamie to stop his friend from suffering. Lying is never Murtagh’s first choice, but he was willing to live with it if it meant keeping his best friend from going off the rails.

9. He doesn’t need the fancy things


Murtagh is a simple Scot who likes sword fighting, women and whiskey. He has no time for Parisian frills and fanciness and he wants you to know it.

10. Where the Frasers go, he goes


Whether it’s breaking Claire or Jamie out of prison, or following them to France, or serving in battle — Murtagh is always by the Frasers’ side. He’s been there through everything and has proven there’s no one more willing to take up their cause.

Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser doesn’t get the credit he deserves, but we appreciate him. Cheers, Murtagh. We wouldn’t have made it here without you.

Outlander Season 2 concludes Saturday at 9/8c on Starz.